00 Gauge trains

track cleaner

if you have a big layout like us then you may find cleaning the track a pain in the train but never fear when dapol is here this is a state of the art track cleaner witch can polish vacum and get rid of rust, leaveing your track like new!
Hattons sell this for £52 in the standard blue. but model rail mag have done a limted edition of 500 half are in network rail yellow and the other half are in br black .
we have both and there great .
all you do if fill it up deside what you want it to clean and turn it on then get a STRONG train to pull it.Use a strog train because it can be hard to hull up slope's,we recomend a bachmann class 66 to pull it.
The adisive cleaning pad you get with it rears out quick so you may want to use the hornby cleaning car for that.

a great model for big and small layout's

Pulling power:0%/na
the main thing that lets it down is that it needs to be pulled and can't move by itself.

looks:the standard blue is the cheapist but its not br blue.
we recoment the yellow one in network rail. as even when it does't exist it look more real

action packed you could say!