00 Gauge trains


class 50

the class 50 was the first uk model to have working roof fans.
it's avalible in all br colurs and a few others.
This model has very bright lights and opening cab doors.
It also has the sound option witch is far as i know is very good! it has the mighty look of the 50 and the perfect casting.
all model have an 8 pin socket and cost's start at £60

a all rounder a must for any layout

pulling power:79%
great motor!

perfect!in every way.

roof fans,dcc,lights and opening cab doors,,,what more could you ask for!

class 73

IF your looking for a cheap fun or good puller then this is the train for you. you can get the lima 73 from £20 on ebay and the hornby 73 for £40 at modelzone.
the class 73 is a must have for any layout. there avalible in almost any livery.

we have 5 includeing the royal alex. lima also did the royal alex but there are some paint errors on it but its far cheaper,please note the hornby royal alex has no traction tyre's so pulling is poor.ADVICE.FIT SOME.
the class 73 has no lights or cablights and no sound
but its easy to fit it with all of the above.
the lima 73 is NOT dcc ready but all hornby models have an 8 pin socket

a all round model but very basic.

pulling power:80%
good for what it is but you may have to fit tracktion tyre's

lots of liverys to chose from but you may have to fight for the royal alex

all hornby have 8 pin socket but thts all.
the lima has no dcc so very basic

class 153

 The class 153 is a single rail car witch can connect to the bachmann class 150 perfectly.
The motor is hidden in the toliet .It also has directional lights but no open doors. All model have an 8 pin socket and there avalible in east midlands trains, central trains and more!
price's start at £50 and dcc fited models start at £65 but the sound option is far down the road yet.

a fine model but could do with sound

pulling power:80%

lots of liverys to pick but a few need to be added

great but no roof fans,sound or opening doors.