00 Gauge trains

bachmann trains

class 66

the class 66 is avalible in almost every livery you can think of! The sound option is avalible too and the latest models have cab lights.
All models are dcc ready with a 8 or 21 pin socket.The 8 pin model's are older and don't have cablights but apart from that there the same, you can also get the older ones cheaper witch is great for a tight budjet. the class 66 has nem couplings and head/tail lights.
price's start at around £50and we recomend one to any moden day layout.

fab model and got the power to do what it needs too!

pulling power:96%
bachmann's all wheel drive gives it that extra power!

loads of liverys to chose from

got it all exept opening doors and roof fans

class 159/158

the bachmann class 159 is perfect for any moden layout! you can get it in fgw,swt and central trains ect.
only prob is it's got the looks but no dcc.I dcc fited mine and its the same as the 166 under the shell.all model have head and tail lights but no cab lights .the 2 car vetion is the same but thats called a 158.
we have the swt vertion one of the first to be realesed,you can't get thease in the shops now so if you want one have a look on ebay.
for a new one in the shops the price starts at around £65
the 159 has a motor in the mid coach so for dcc you need to get 3 chips for it.

a great model runs well but needs dcc

pulling power: 86%
very heavy motor coach

it may be 10 years old now but i think its time for some more.

lights but no dcc.



the voyager is very like the 159 :no dcc motor in the middle so if your dcc one it takes one more decoder,lights,and same motor.
its avalible in virgin or crosscounty. the 221 can tilt and as i said the have lights the 220 will set you back £70 and the tilting 221 will set you back £100! the 221 is a 5 car unit and the 220 is a four car but if you buy the 220 set there is a car to buy for it as you only get 3 cars

great model but needs dcc and if you dcc it you need 3 decoders.

pulling power :46%
very heavy motor coach
yet finds it hard to pull

we recomend the virgin one for its strikeing coulor

no dcc but has lights